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Dynamic Systems Provides Unique Custom Barcode Labels That Track Products for Diverse Industries


About Dynamic Systems – Dynamic Systems has been providing Barcode Tracking and Labeling Solutions for over 35 years. The backbone of any good barcode tracking system is the barcode label itself.  Dynamic Systems has designed labels for many extreme environments and distinctive applications.

Labeling Systems – Some labeling applications are challenging due to the surface or environment the label will experience.  A few rare applications that Dynamic Systems has responded to include: Removable Barcode Labels on Newsprint; Labels that Stick to the Rough Edges of Plywood in a Hot Environment; Tags for Fresh Caught Tuna; RFID Labels that monitor salmon and sturgeon populations, and Tiny 2 D Barcode Labels that track Police Keys and Pistols. “We have seen applications that require the label to handle harsh, cold, hot environments and rough, small or fragile surfaces,” states Alison Falco, President.

Installing a New Barcode System?  Start with the Label

Barcoding is based on scanning a barcode throughout your process, whether it’s tracking tools, documents, seafood, produce, assets, or an item on the production line.  Without a barcode the system falls apart.  So if your barcode can’t be scanned or falls off you’ve defeated the purpose of your new system.

What Are You Labeling – Dynamic Systems will step the user through a number of questions to determine the characteristics required for the label material and adhesive.  Also discussed are size, color, graphics, and type of barcode, environment, and others.

The answers to these questions will result in the specifications for the label and will assist you in selecting the appropriate barcode printing and scanning technologies, which are often dependent on environment and the material of the barcode label.

Industries Requiring Custom Applications include Manufacturing, Food, Government, Laboratories, Retail, Warehousing, Distribution, Electronics, Food, Beverage, Shipping, Receiving, Vineyards and more.

Increase Profits:  Gather enormous amounts of real-time information to run your business. 
Print Barcode Labels:  Print in unlimited formats quickly as product is packed.

Manage Production Inventory:  Track production inventory from receiving to shipping.

Maintain Lot Traceability:  All product lots are tracked, including through a re-box function.
Calculate Yields: Report product yields by lot, by batch, by line, by day – use any parameter with a clean input/output.

Eliminate Charge-Backs:  Record shipment details using accurate barcode scanning.

Stand-alone:  SIMBA can work as a stand-alone system or can integrate with an ERP.

Calculate Yields: Report yields by lot, by batch, by line, by day – use any parameter with a clean input/output.

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